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Vocational Assessments
ACT Counselling provides Vocational Assessments for those who are considering a change in career direction, being redeployed or just need advice on whether the career path they have chosen is right for them.  The assessment includes a comprehensive interview to gain current and historical information including past employment, education, medical concerns or restrictions, achievements, interests, and aspirations.  Tests undertaken will assess personality, occupational interests, vocational preferences, abilities, and emotional functioning.  The final report will include the results of the above areas as well as job options, training needs, and a Labour Market Analysis.
If necessary, ACT Counselling can offer follow-up Vocational Counselling sessions to assist the client in developing a vocational goal, resume building, job seeking, job applications, cover letters, interview techniques and practice and developing skills to cope with change.
ACT Counselling also offers Vocational Counselling as a separate service without the need for a full Vocational Assessment.
Workshops & Training
ACT Counselling provides workshops and training on mental health related topics including general mental health education, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, DBT (see Welcome page for details), Workplace issues, Communication, EAP information, Bullying & Harrassment education, Coping when you Return-to-Work, and Positive Psychology.  ACT Counselling can tailor workshops to your needs.
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